Introduction to Synthetic Oils

bison lubricants, Synteq 5W40 5LT
Synthetic oils are man-made lubricants that are specifically engineered to provide enhanced performance and protection for engines and machinery.
Unlike traditional mineral oils, which are derived from crude oil, synthetic oils are chemically synthesized to create a more refined and pure product.
Synthetic lubricants offer exceptional performance and superior protection compared to conventional lubricants.
Synthetic oils have a high viscosity index, meaning their viscosity changes minimally with temperature fluctuations, it has excellent detergent and dispersant properties, which helps maintain efficient engine operation and prolongs the life of the engine.
Synthetic lubricants typically have a longer service life compared to conventional lubricants, they are specifically formulated to meet the demands of modern engines, including turbocharged engines and direct fuel injection systems


75W90 GL4/GL5
75W90 GL4
10W40 SN/CI-4

Introduction to Mineral based Engine oils

Mineral-based engine oils are a type of lubricant used in internal combustion engines. These oils are formulated using base oils derived from crude oil through a refining process.
They are commonly used in older or less demanding engines
Mineral-based engine oils offer certain advantages. They have good thermal stability, meaning they can resist breakdown at high temperatures,
and they provide a good level of protection against friction and wear. Additionally, they tend to be more affordable compared to synthetic oils
bison lubricants, Supreme Turbo 20W50 Engine Oil

Engine Oil Range

Supreme Turbo Diesel 15W40 CIA/SL
Diesel Turbo 15W40 CI4/SG
Multigrade 20W50 SJ/CF
Supreme Turbo 20W50
Tractor Oil CF4 15W40 STOU
City Oil 20W50
City Oil  SAE 30
City Oil SAE 40

Introduction to Automotive & Industrial Grease

bison lubricants, Grease 15KG
Automotive and industrial grease is a type of lubricant specifically designed for use in machinery, vehicles, and equipment.
Grease is a semisolid substance made by mixing a base oil with thickeners, additives, and sometimes solid lubricants.
It provides crucial lubrication and protection to moving parts, reducing friction, heat, and wear.
It helps ensure smooth and efficient operation while preventing metal-to-metal contact and corrosion.
It helps reduce friction between components, extending their life and minimizing downtime.
Industrial grease is often formulated to withstand high temperatures, heavy loads, water exposure, and other challenging conditions.
Grease provides several benefits compared to other lubricants like oils.
It stays in place, adheres well to surfaces, and provides long-lasting lubrication, making it suitable for parts with limited accessibility or those prone to leakage.
Grease also acts as a protective barrier, preventing contaminants from entering critical components.

Grease Range

Multi-purpose Grease
C.V Grease
Wheelbearing Grease
Red Rubber Grease
Lithium EP 0

Lithium Calcium EP 2
Lithium EP 3
Universal DTF White Boom Grease
Food Machinery Grease
Wire Rope Grease

Introduction to Gear Oils

Gear oil is a specialized lubricant used in various types of gear systems, such as manual transmissions, differentials, and industrial gearboxes.
 It is designed to provide optimal lubrication and protection to the gears, bearings, and other components within these systems.
Gear oil is formulated with additives that enhance its viscosity, thermal stability, and anti-wear properties, allowing it to withstand the high pressures and temperatures generated during gear operation.
The specific viscosity and performance requirements of gear oil vary depending on the application and gear system type.
bison lubricants, ATF DX II 5LT

Gear Oil Range

EP90 Gear Oil GL4
Pneumatic 32

GL4 80W90 Gear Lube
GL5 80W90 Gear Lube- DIFF
Gearplus 85W140 GL5
Torque Fluid 30 – T04
Torque Fluid 40 – T04
Torque Fluid 50 – T04

Introduction to Industrial Oils

Industrial gear oils are specialized lubricants designed for use in various industrial gear systems.
These gear systems can be found in a wide range of applications, including heavy machinery, manufacturing equipment, power generation, and automotive industries.
Industrial gear oils are formulated to provide superior lubrication, protection, and performance under demanding operating conditions.
It is important to select the appropriate industrial gear oil based on the specific gear system requirements, including viscosity grade, operating conditions, and manufacturer recommendations
Regular oil analysis and maintenance practices should also be followed to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the gear system.

Industrial Oil Range

Transformer Oil Inhibited
I.G.O 68
I.G.O 150
I.G.O 220
I.G.O 320
I.G.O 460
Compressor Oil 32
Compressor Oil 46
Compressor Oil 68
Heat Transfer 32
Slideway 68
Vacuum Pump Oil 40

Introduction to Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic oil is a specialized fluid used in hydraulic systems to transmit power and provide lubrication.
Hydraulic systems are widely used in various industries and applications, such as construction equipment, manufacturing machinery, and automotive systems.
Hydraulic oil plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of these systems.
Hydraulic oils are formulated to meet specific requirements of hydraulic systems, which operate under high pressures and temperatures.
Hydraulic Oil Range
Hydraulic 10
Hydraulic 22
Hydraulic 32
Hydraulic 46
Hydraulic 68
hydraulic fluid

Allied Products Introduction

bison lubricants, Redline Anti-Freeze 5LT
Bison Lubricants has a wide range of inhouse allied products that we manufacture.
Allied Products Range
Red-Line Anti-Freeze
Red-Line Anti-Freeze Concentrate
RTU Anti-Freeze
Engine Cleaner
Distilled Water
Water Base Degreaser
Brakefluid Dot3
Brakefluid Dot4

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