Automative & Industrial Lubricants

We deliver all lubricants to spare shops, workshops, transporters, the earth moving and farming industries.

Bison Lubricants was created in March 2003. Our products portfolio has since expanded to cover the full spectrum of industrial lubricants, cutting oils and greases and other specialized synthetic lubricant products for the automotive industry. Similarly our target market region has stretched from the East Rand to the whole of Gauteng. We are now targeting the whole of Southern Africa as our market space..

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Welcome to Bison Lubricants...

Bison lubricants supplies a full range of manufactured lubricants, including greases, industrial and cutting oils to the automotive, mining, food and beverage, industrial and related industries. 

All Bison products are blended from group 11 / 111 / IV / V. Base stock with high performance additives, formulated to provide long-life lubrication with excellent anti-oxidants, anti-rust and anti-wear whilst keeping the engines clean of sludge properties with a wide range of viscosity grades. Meeting the highest international API & ACEA standards and OEM’s requirements, at Bison lubricants and we believe there is no substitute for quality to meet a demanding market.  

We deliver to spare shops, workshops, transporters, the earth moving and farming industries.

Bison Lubricants are marketers of leading manufacturers of finished lubricant products. We market our full product portfolio under the brand name Bison Lubricants (Pty) Ltd.

Engaging with a leading world brand ensures consistent product quality as well as competitive pricing. Bison Lubricants serves all major industries like:

Industrial, Automotive & agricultural Lubricants

OUR PRODUCTS / services

Bison Lubricants supplies a full range of manufactured lubricants including greases, industrial and cutting oils to the automotive and related industries.

Chris Botes: Director / Oil Technical Advisor

Our marketers and sales experts together with Lubrizol’s experience and professional chemists understanding of global lubricant requirements, do provide the winning solution, tailor made for your lubricants requirements.

Our products range include:


And any other Automotive & Motor Lubricant Related Products


Motor Oils are made from natural gas and designed for ultimate engine performance.


Industrial Lubrication and Tribology to maximise the efficiency for different machines.


Antifreeze is an additive to lower the freezing point of a water in cars..


Automotive grease is thicker in consistency and well-suited for certain automotive applications like lubricating the wheel bearing, chassis, and universal joints.

synthetic cutting lubricants

We offer a comprehensive range of care products for your bike, fork and transmission oils for every component on your motorcycle.

why choose bison lubricants?

Why BISON ? The DROP Ahead of the REST

Bison Lubricants was established in 2003 and we have over 45 years combined experience in the industry.  Today’s cars, trucks and engines are marvels of mechanical technology, they’re more powerful, faster, economical and expensive than ever before. As a result of modern times greater demands are put on the components and lubricants, and in order to protect them BISON Lubricants have been developed and formulated by top chemists and engineers to meet and exceed all major manufacture requirements. We have the expertise to advise clients on the best products for customized purposes. We are very proud of our excellent service and prompt deliveries.

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