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Bison Lubricants supplies a full range of automotive and industrial lubricants, cutting oils and greases and other specialized lubricant products.


We deliver to spare shops, workshops, transporters, the earth moving and farming industries.


Bison Lubricants are marketers of leading manufacturers of additives and finished lubricant product in the world. We market our full product portfolio under the brand name Bison Lubricants (Pty) Ltd.


Engaging a world brand ensures consistent product quality as well as competitive pricing.


We are proud to be able to announce that our supreme oils have been put through tests involving Cummins & Volvo (CES 20078, ACEA E-7, API CI-4, VDS 3), leading designers and manufacturers of machinery such as generation equipment, power systems and some of the most power full engines made.


Bison Lubricants serves all major industries like:

    •  Automotive,
    •  Engineering,
    •  Agricultural,
    •  Industrial,
    •  Motor cycle,
    •  All other machinery requiring lubricants.


Our marketers and sales experts together with Lubrizol’s experience and professional chemists understanding of global lubricant requirements, do provide the winning solution, tailor made for your lubricants requirements.

Why BISON ? The DROP Ahead of the REST

Today's cars, trucks and engines are marvels of mechanical technology, they're more powerful, faster, economical and expensive than ever before. As a result of modern times greater demands are put on the components and lubricants, and in order to protect them BISON Lubricants have been developed and formulated by top chemists and engineers to meet and exceeded all major manufacture requirements.
Bison Lubricants Storage Facility Bison Lubricants Storage Facility

Bison Lubricants, the choice of top mechanics!


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